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About the Research Project

Wearable technologies, or wearables, is an emerging object of a rapidly developing
interdisciplinary research field. Wearables have received attention in fashion studies, HCI research, innovation studies, textile research, fashion design research, digital
sociology, and techno-anthropology, amongst others. This growing, yet still quite limited, amount of research reflects the changing landscape of electronics and consumer interest in embedding technologies to measure ourselves, to provide services enabling people to engage with each other through wearables, and even to augment our capabilities as human beings.  Once more widely diffused, wearable technologies are expected to have a major impact on individuals’ everyday lives, social institutions and the functioning of the societies as a whole by blurring the boundary between human and technology.

This research project, conducted in 2018-2021, approached wearable technologies from a perspective of sociology, fashion studies and socio-interactive design research, seeking to explore wearables in relation to practices of daily use reflected in the longevity of clothes, sustainability, and fashion. This research contributed to a new, quickly growing field, by merging wearable technologies with the study of sustainability and fashion.

The research was supported by Aalborg University’s Talent Management Program. 

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